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Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Casts - Episode 1 (Recorded at the World Championships)

Legend of the Five (+2) Casts is a collaboration at the FFG Worlds event for L5R between 7 podcasts that cover Legend of the Five Rings. Isawa Merlin from Travelling Ronin is making the trip from Melbourne, Australia to Roseville, MN, USA for the Fantasy Flight games annual World Championships. The podcast was recorded on Day 2 before the Top 16 and the Lion clan victory that followed. Congratulations to the very first World Champion of Legend of the Five Rings LCG, Samuel Benies! Congratulations Shogun!

A Champions Heart - Episode 5

Miya Mark everyone! Broadcasting from Imperial lands at Top Deck Games with the shogun of the store himself, L5R stalwart and all round cool dude. Isawa Merlin, Bayushi Rob and Miya Mark sit down and have a chat about the launch events and the FFG process behind stores OP/launch kits, chocolate Dalek cake, the L5R role playing game and past experiences at GenCon. Don't forget your buckets of rum!
- “We tell the tale of heroes to remind ourselves that we also can be great.” Tao.

Battle of Beiden Pass - Episode 4

Yasuki Tom and Togashi Daniel everyone! Two players from the Melbourne Good Games regular Tuesday play nights join us to talk about how they joined the great game and history of playing, discuss the Dragon and Crab clan cards so far, spoil the (Dragon mostly) story for Isawa Merlin, trade rivalry in a test game between Dragon vs. Crab they played before hand and Conor McGregor..
- "I won't kill you now little one, but you will remember that I could have." Hida Yakamo.
- "The nail that sticks out is the one that gets pounded first." Sayings of the Ise Zumi.

Bandit Hideout - Episode 3

Izaku Drew everyone! Drew is a Ronin at heart hailing from the Izaku "clan" and Ronin tournament player to the core, we break down (old) story background for the empires wandering family's, mechanical take on the new game from what's been released, discuss a test game Lion v Crane (that Drew won soundly) and the new fiction for the Lion. - "One must bow to offer aid to a fallen man."

The Deciding Moment - Episode 2

Bayushi Wayne Duyvestyn everyone! We cover Wayne's history with the game, Melbourne's future tournament scene, stores and locations, the latest (and only) L5R fiction released and plans for the possible story line future - "Come with me if you want to live" - Fu Leng

The Rallying Cry - Episode 1

Legend of the Five Rings is a "Living card game" that 3 dudes from Melbourne - Merlin, Marc and Bayushi Rob - are anticipating being released in August of 2017.
Join us while we speculate on the release information, art work, mechanics and general coolness of a card game set in an alternate universe depicting quasi-Japanese feudal struggles of military, political and family honour across the fictional lands of Rokugan.

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