Legend of the Five Casts - Episode 1 (Recorded at the World Championships)

Legend of the Five (+2) Casts is a collaboration at the FFG Worlds event for L5R between 7 podcasts that cover Legend of the Five Rings. Isawa Merlin from Travelling Ronin is making the trip from Melbourne, Australia to Roseville, MN, USA for the Fantasy Flight games annual World Championships. The podcast was recorded on Day 2 before the Top 16 and the Lion clan victory that followed. Congratulations to the very first World Champion of Legend of the Five Rings LCG, Samuel Benies! Congratulations Shogun!
The guys/gals with us: Eoin Bourke (Imperial Advisor), Mike Clark (6th Ring), Shane (Jade Throne), Travis (Winter Court), Mel (6th Ring), Isawa Merlin (TR), Sparks (Troll5R), Brian Murphy (Focus, Focus, Strike!).

Mentioned in this episode:
Sake House Brawl
Focus, Focus, Strike!
The Jade Throne



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